Primary level units – term 1, 2017

The primary level units are written by the Double Helix team at CSIRO in Australia.quentin_science_ad_2015_1

Students are taken on science adventures with the Double Helix characters – Rocky, Skye and their pet Chameleon Kevin – as they discover the wonders of science in the world around them. As they progress through the units, students interact with a combination of simulations, videos, animations, augmented reality and hands-on investigations. Learning is then reinforced as students apply their knowledge to real-world situations and even meet some CSIRO scientists.


Feeding the future

Feed your student’s appetite for science with this biological sciences unit.

In this unit, students explore:

  • The importance of plants in our everyday life, especially as a source of food.
  • Conditions required for growth in plants and factors that can inhibit growth.
  • Scientific and technological advances improving agricultural practice.

Students will have the opportunity to get their hands dirty as they take on the role of an agricultural scientist; texturing soil, conducting fair tests and investigating agricultural issues around the world. Dig in!


Kitchen chemistry

In this chemical sciences unit, students will explore reversible and irreversible changes through the context of cooking.

This unit contains a number of hands on investigations. Access to a kitchen is required at times as students will be whipping up their own culinary/chemistry creations!


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