Basic chemistry laboratory course

The basic chemistry course is specifically designed for home educated children. The focus is on learning how to use laboratory equipment and practice laboratory skills. The content is based on year 9/10 of the New Zealand curriculum, it is suitable for children aged 12+, although mature 11 year olds may be accepted. Students usually work in pairs using the Bunsen burners and lab equipment.

An adult preferably stays and help supervise if their child is younger than 14.


Course hours and content:

The full course is 6 hours long and is broken up into two 3-hour sessions as follows.

Session A outline:

Safety in the lab

Laboratory equipment

The Bunsen burner

Separating techniques (decanting, evaporating, filtration, distillation)Chemistry course 12a

 Session B outline:

Chemical reactions

Making, collecting and testing gases (hydrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide)

Acids and bases, the pH scale, indicators