Elements, atoms and molecules explained!

Topics are: what is an atom? What is an element? What is a molecule? Students will learn about the periodic table and build and draw a selection of molecules using the Molymod molecular model building sets.

This workshop is hands-on with a variety of engaging activities. Children usually go home buzzing with excitement about their new knowledge and understanding of the basics of chemistry. Warning: be prepared for your child to want to do more science and chemistry!


No prior knowledge or skills required. Suitable for ages 10-14.


Feedback about this workshop from previous attendees:

  • my son and daughter had a fantastic time and really learnt a lot from you
  • my son came home buzzing that he had finally found something he really liked!
  • my 11 year old daughter thoroughly enjoyed it
  • the workshop was challenging, not over-loading, therefore inspiring. It was my son’s introduction to the topic and I am pleased he has an understanding of it now”,
  • it was fantastic!…
  • my daughter was so excited about what she had learnt, she showed dad all the molecules she had built as soon as she came home and she talked about it for days after
  • it was awesome!