Precipitations workshop

This year 11/12 chemistry workshop has been designed for home educated children to experience working in a chemistry laboratory. The students will carry out practical chemistry experiments that support parts of NCEA level 1 and 2 chemistry of the New Zealand curriculum as well as parts of Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry.

It is suitable for children aged 14+.

Workshop duration and content:

The workshop runs for 5 hours over one day and consists of a 2 hour theory session, followed by a 3 hour lab session. We will look at solubility of ionic compounds, precipitation reactions and identifying unknown ions.

Students will need to study some chemistry theory beforehand. A list of objectives will be made available to the students. Most year 11 science or chemistry or beginning chemistry books will be suitable for this pre-study.

Theory includes: atoms, ions, ionic compounds, solubility rules and writing balanced equations.