Primary level unit –  Fungi

Uh Oh! Rocky has just found a mouldy sandwich at the bottom of his school-bag. It’s green. It’s smelly. And it looks like it’s alive! It couldn’t possibly be….could it?

Join Rocky, Skye and their trusty companion Chameleon Kevin as they discover the good, the bad and the ugly side of microbes and the fascinating world of fungi! Will they make it out alive?


This unit covers the mysterious world of microbes, with a special focus on fungi. Students learn about the conditions of growth required for fungi and its importance in our everyday lives.
Recommend age range: 9-12.

Through the familiar context of a mouldy sandwich at the bottom of a school-bag, students explore:

  • Microbes in the world around us
  • Conditions of growth required for fungi
  • The role of fungi in decomposition and fermentation
  • The role of preservatives in preventing the growth of fungi

In this unit, students will have the opportunity to plan and conduct their own experiments to investigate the growth of mould, and to meet Dr. Cameron Jones, a scientist who studies mould for a living.