Full online science programme through Cosmos for Schools

Cosmos for schools brings exciting science lessons built on science news. Interactive lessons are created by the Cosmos magazine team of experienced curriculum writers and journalists.

Science for Home Educators has signed up as a school enabling home educated children to access this exciting lesson programme. For more information on Cosmos for School lessons you can have a look at their website here.

Students can sign up for a series of 5 lessons per term. Cost is $75 per child per set of 5 lessons per term. The lesson packages are aimed at different year levels (NZ years 8-11) and the lessons in each year level will change from term to term (see currently available packages here). There are 3-4 terms of different lesson packages available for each year level.

Student who are not homeschooling can also sign up, this lesson programme will be particularly suitable for bright primary/intermediate aged children who love science and who may not be doing enough science to their liking at school.

To participate in the lessons students will need a laptop, computer or tablet, an email address and access to the internet. There are five times per lesson where a student is asked to submit their work which will then be marked and feedback will be given.


  • Every lesson leads with a journalist-written introduction based on a recent story from Cosmos Magazine.
  • Lessons are rich with multimedia and challenge students with a range of question types including mind maps, annotations and live polls.
  • Using Fogarty and McTighe’s three storey pedagogy, the lessons ensure deep understanding and often include an experiment (note that not all experiments can be done at home).
  • Every lesson includes a career profile on a young professional doing interesting work in the lesson topic-area.

For a list of the lesson packages click here.

To get a feel for the lesson you can email us to request a lesson sample in PDF format.

Important notes:

  • Students will be enrolled in a package of 5 lessons for a school term. Students can work at their own pace, however after the end of the school term access to the lessons will cease regardless of the number of lessons completed.
  • You can choose the level your child wants to enrol in, it is not determined by or limited by their age.
  • Some of the experiments that are suggested are not easily done at home. Often suggestions are made how to adapt these to home use or there may be a link to a video on youtube.
  • The lessons are based on the Australian/NZ science curriculum. Some topics are not suitable for a creation science based curriculum.

To sign up please email us with your child’s name, age, email address and chosen package of lessons (year level). See list here.

Feedback from a parent:

I love that the content has a very positive, encouraging perspective. It is a very uplifting and empowering curriculum. I appreciate the career focus at the end of each unit. I also was impressed with the current and up-to-date topics it helps the students to understand that their science is exploring cutting edge concepts and discoveries.

Feedback from students:

  • I liked that it was being marked by a real person. It ups the stakes and makes you work harder.
  • I liked learning new things and getting my teacher’s comments.