Junior level units – term 1, 2017

The junior level units are written by the Cosmos forquentin_science_ad_2015_1

Schools team in Australia.


Elements & Compounds

World supplies of helium were running low before the recent discovery of a large deposit of this precious gas in the East African Rift. Helium is one of the elements, the fundamental substances that all others are made out of. On their own or chemically combined to form compounds, the elements make up the huge variety of substances in the world.

This  is a chemistry unit that introduces elements and atoms, molecules, lattices, the periodic table, and compounds. It is most suitable for students who have already learnt about mixtures. It does not cover atomic structure or chemical reactions.


Invasive Species

Sometimes when plants or animals move into a new area they take over. Getting rid of these pests is costly and difficult, and trying to solve the problem often makes it worse. New research into feral cats underlines the importance of understanding the complex web of life before we take action.

This is a biological sciences unit covering the world’s major biomes, ecosystems, habitats and food chains. This unit does not require any specific prerequisite knowledge.


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