Science at Home Awards

Registered students can now work towards our “Science at Home AWARDS”. There are four awards:

Chemistry at home

Physics at home

Biology at home

Earth Sciences at home

To qualify for an award your child has to complete at least 10 of the investigations for each area of science. An adult will need to sign off the investigations. Children can take as long as they want to complete the investigations. Once completed you simply mail or email the award form back to us and you child will receive their award in the mail.

Suitable for ages 10-13, however younger children can participate taking into account that they may need more adult input.

New Zealand: $8 per award per student (or $30 for all four)
Australia: $10 per award per student (or $36 for all four)

For each award you will get a PDF file emailed to you with the investigations plus a record sheet. If you prefer the investigation sheets mailed out to you it will cost an extra $2 per award plus $2 postage for New Zealand or $3 postage for Australia.

To register, simply email us your child’s name and age, your name, postal address, contact phone number and email address and the awards you child wants to enter for.


Feedback from families:

“my 8 year old son loved the hands on experiments and I loved the “Take It Further” activities which gave us ideas on how to explore topics in greater depth. This is a fantastic programme where kids can go at their own pace and the award certificate at the end is a great reward to work towards. Highly recommend it.”

“My 12 year old really enjoyed the experiments and it made science come ALIVE!!”