Titrations workshop


This is a practical laboratory workshop covering techniques and calculations that are usually studied in year 12 chemistry courses as well as first year university courses (such as science and engineering). It gives a good introduction to analytical chemistry.

Workshop content:

The workshop runs for 5 hours over one day. It starts with a 2-hour theory session in the morning followed by a 3-hour lab session in  the afternoon. During the lab session the students will carry out two full titrations.


Some prior practical laboratory experience is advisable, however not necessary. Students will need to have reasonable mathematical skills (NCEA level 1 or above). It would be advisable to study relevant chemical concepts beforehand that will be covered during the theory session to make it easier for the students to understand. Concepts are: the mole, molar mass calculations, theory of titrations. These concepts can be found in any beginning chemistry book.

The workshop is suitable for students 14-18 years of age.